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How it works:

Availability Check/Booking

•  The availability for events outside working hours or weekends will be checked with Armony personnel: Virgil Busuioc (; Daiana Vochin (;

• For events with restricted access please contact Armony personnel in advance, at the time of booking, not the same day as the event!: Daiana Vochin (; Virgil Busuioc (; Sebastian Burtan (

• The supervisor will be responsible for any possible destructions, for communicating to all the participants useful information as access to the event and to respect the following:

• The Relaxing Room is accessible only via one entrance - parking lot and only by using the access card;

• It is not allowed to stick posters/billboards on the wall;

• In order to prevent damage, for any changes/modification ( ex: moving of the furniture ) please contact Armony personnel;

• Any damage will be immediately communicated to Armony staff and the costs involved will be supported by the supervisor or its department;

The supervisor will attend the event for its entire duration maintaining a good communication with Armony staff;

At the end of each event, the relaxation area has to be cleaned and the chairs/tables rearranged at their initial place -- please contact cleaning and administrative departments in your company for this matter.

If the event lasts more than Armony closing times (21:00), it is perceived as taking place outside working hours. In this case, the supervisor will ensure the following measures will be respected: turning off the lights and air conditioning system, closing the windows and contacting the security guard from Ubisoft Reception ( tel: 0753.033.005 ) for locking the doors.

• For events held outside working hours, the waste (food/drink) should be taken out by the team organizing the event or company's cleaning department.

• Relaxing Room is available only for meetings/events with more than 20 persons.